Obesity prevention and epidemiology
Obesity pandemics – the challenge to modify key drivers
Two pandemics: obesity and Covid 19 infection
Public health interventions addressing obesity prevention
National plans tackling obesity
Obesity and economic constrains

Risks, diagnosis, and management of obesity in childhood and adolescence
Risks, diagnosis, and management of obesity in adults and in elderly
Multidisciplinary care of patients with obesity
Medical nutrition therapy of obesity
Physical activity as an integral part of prevention and obesity treatment
Psychological interventions in obesity management
Obesity stigma protection and patient centred approach

Pharmacotherapy of obesity and its complications
Modern trends in pharmacotherapy of obesity as a chronic disease and benefits beyond weight loss
Perspectives in drug treatment of obesity
Obesity and type 2 diabetes
Obesity and cardiovascular diseases
Obesity and liver, kidney, respiratory diseases
Obesity and other diseases

Bariatric-metabolic surgery
Long-term outcomes of bariatric-metabolic surgery
Multidisciplinary approach to bariatric-metabolic patient pre- and post-op
Role of pharmacotherapy in bariatric-metabolic treatment algorithm
Management of weight regain after bariatric-metabolic surgery
Management of postbariatric complications
Emerging and novelty surgical and endoluminal procedures, including laparoscopic and endoscopic approaches

Basic biological mechanisms
Central control of energy homeostasis
Inter-organ interaction in pathogenesis and consequences of obesity
Non-shivering thermogenesis as a key component of energy balance
Bone marrow adipose tissue – role in whole body metabolism
Gut microbiome and immune metabolism in obesity
Hereditary and environmental factors in the pathogenesis of obesity

Round table on Obesity care in Central Europe: past, present, and future


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